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According to the Emergency Ordinance of the Government of Romania (EGO) n˚109/2013[1], from February 1st, 2014, citizens of countries with which Romania has visa regime, holders of valid uniform short stay visas (with two or multiple entries), long stay visas or permits of residence issued by Schengen countries (other than those envisaged in art.128, (1) of EGO 194/2002), are allowed to enter in Romania without a Romanian short stay visa.

For the mentioned category of citizens, the new provisions, in force from 1st of February 2014 will be applied under the following conditions:


  • The conditions of entering on the Romanian territory through all the border crossing points remained unchanged as defined on EGO 194/2002, art. 6, Para. 1;


  • The number of entries and the authorized staying duration stipulated on their Schengen visas or permits of residence issued by a Schengen state should not be exceeded;


  • The mentioned category of non – EU citizens targeted by the new EGO may enter on the territory of Romania for an uninterrupted stay or for more stays whose duration do not exceed 90 days of stay within the 180 day period calculated from the date of the first entry. The duration of stay on the Romanian territory will not exceed the period granted by their respective Schengen visas or permits of residence;


  • For those to whom the number of entries and/or the duration of stay stipulated on their valid Schengen visas were exhausted are allowed to enter the Romanian territory only for transit purposes (5 days only).


  • The number of entries and days spent in Romania on the account of the Schengen visas will not be counted in the total number of entries and duration of stay permitted in the Schengen countries, under respective valid uniform Schengen visas.



[1] EGO 109/2013 (published on December 17th, 2013, in the Official Journal of ROMANIA, No: 7096, part I) brings amendments and completions to the Emergency Government Ordinance n˚ 194/2002 (EGO 194/2002) regarding the regime of aliens in Romania

Attention! Consular Section will be closed 8th to 11th of November 2019, 22nd to 25th of November 2019.


Attention! Consular Section will be closed 8th to 11th of November 2019, 22nd to 25thof November. …

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